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GT Steering WIFI wheels collection

Simulation meets reality

A curated selection of GT rims specifically augmented for Sim Racing.

A wide selection of GT steering wheels and customisations to “take the bull by the horns”

GT Sport


The comfort of the Wireless meets the elegance of our GT Sport.

From 647€

GT Pro

OMP Wireless

Let yourself be inspired by the catchy wireless GT PRO OMP.

From 737 €

Your steering wheel, your race.

Battery, up to 40 hours of hard gaming. Your battery dying is not going to be an issue either, just plug the cable in and you’re good to go!

GT Pro

Sparco Wireless

Get the best of you. Explore our Wireless GT PRO Sparco.

From 746€

GT Pro

MOMO Wireless

Boost your racing spirit with the Wireless GT PRO MOMO.

From 754€

GT Lite

MOTAMEC Wireless

Meet the lightness of the Motamec Wireless GT Lite.

From 647€
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