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Built to impress.

csx2 cnc carbon fiber

Pure Carbon Fibre.

The finest selection of pure carbon fibre, manufactured to achieve top-notch controllers. 

A stiffer carbon fibre, in junction with the aluminium back  plate, guarantees a flex-free drive and a lifetime resistance. USB only.


Stronger materials. Rock-solid CNC machined aluminum back side. New internal electronics to avoid annoying regulations. 

It’s as resistant as a Rhino.

csx2 formula half back
csx2 screen lcd


The CSX 2 features an updated anti-scratches glass. We got rid of the plastic version the original CSX was built with. 

It’s a 2mm high-quality glass, there to protect your display from accidental damages 

Screen printed borders. Your steering wheel beauty its meant to stay intact over time.

Because, quality matters.

Innovation from
the ground up.

Each Component of a Cube Controls steering wheel
is a Cube Controls component.

All parts are designed to ensure durability
and maximum comfort.

Not to mention the beauty.
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